Permian Basin CHL
Concealed Handgun Licensing for West Texas
(Midland, Odessa, and the surrounding areas)

Concealed Handgun Licensing for West Texas

Information for New CHL Students

Who is eligible for a Texas concealed handgun license? The final answer comes from the state of Texas, but you may want to look over these 
Eligibility Requirements before taking the class or paying your application fee.


In order to get your concealed handgun license, the Texas Department of Public Safety is looking for:

Complete, accurate, and truthful application: The easiest way to do this is on the DPS website:, once there click on "Concealed Handgun License". Once you complete your online application and pay the state fee, DPS will start a background check on you. This can take some time so I recommend that you get that application done even before you take the class (your choice - it speeds things up to do the application first but that isn't required).

Fingerprints: As part of the DPS online application you can schedule an appointment with MorphoTrust to have your fingerprints taken. Go ahead and get that done, they will send the fingerprints to DPS.

Evidence of handgun proficiency: When you complete the class I will provide you with the form you need.

Hmmm...that does look too simplified after all. Ok, the really simplified version (if this doesn't make any sense either, email or call me - I'm here to help).

  • Go to to fill out an application and schedule fingerprints
  • Show up for your fingerprint appointment   
  • Email or call me to reserve a spot in class
  • Show up for class and pay attention


Typical cost for most folks is around $225-$250. It might be sustantially less for some - for example, the state fee is discounted for senior citizens and either discounted or waived for veterans. It could be a little more - for example, you may want to rent a firearm from me rather than purchase one before class.

$140.00    State license fee (discounted for certain groups, see the DPS website for details)
$  10.00    Fingerprint fee
$  75.00    Permian Basin CHL course fee

$  30.00    Ammunition - this will vary depending on the caliber and type of ammunition
$  25.00    Firearm rental - if you don't have a handgun and prefer to wait until after class before purchasing

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